Why Pomona?

A Purpose-Built

The Pomona platform is designed to optimize and capitalize on the synergies created between our investment strategies and product solutions. We strategically integrate our network of relationships and insight gained across the secondaries and primaries investment strategies with our products; the Institutional Flagship Funds, Registered Fund, and Separately Managed Accounts (SMAs). It is a platform purposely built to create an edge and deliver differentiated value.

Our Platform

Our Strategy

Pomona’s fundamental strategy is based on the following core tenets:

Focus Relentlessly on Quality

We take a tactical approach to generating high-quality opportunities rather than buying a slice of the generic secondaries market.

Disciplined Pricing

We seek to consistently buy at a meaningful discount to NAV.

Be Selective

We act as a principal investor and not an asset gatherer, emphasizing selectivity over volume and executing on just 1-2% of analyzed deal flow annually.

Invest with a Margin of Safety

We control the choices we make and manage proactively to prepare for various potential market outcomes.

Innovate Purposely

We seek to provide creative solutions to capitalize on opportunities without adding risk.

Learn from Results

We are dedicated to evolving and improving by learning from market cycles, ensuring resilience and adaptability.

Our Platform




to Optimize

Solutions for
Limited Partners

Institutional Flagship Funds

Pomona Investment Fund

Separately Managed Accounts

What Sets Pomona Apart?

In the ever-expanding landscape of the secondaries market, finding unique opportunities and navigating alternatives requires a disciplined and experienced fund manager with a keen focus on critical factors such as asset quality, pricing, performance and alignment of interests.

Pomona Capital’s distinct edge lies in our unwavering emphasis on resilience, opportunity, and people.


  • Combine unchanging values with consistent investment goals.
  • Be prepared in order to control the choices we make.
  • Focus on high-quality assets and portfolio construction.
  • Proactive steps to safeguard investors’ interests.


  • Flexible and nimble to unlock opportunities.
  • Deliberate and disciplined in execution.
  • Execute on opportunities that emerge from uncertainty.
  • Provide creative and innovative solutions.


  • Empower our people and foster a collaborative environment.
  • Enhance Pomona’s platform power.
  • Value a diversity of people and perspectives.
  • Integrated global team to avoid silos.

Powered by Relationships

We believe that reputation and integrity matter. We are a people business and our priority is building meaningful relationships with counterparts including general partners, sellers and investors. Today, we have long-standing relationships with leading private equity managers and a global investor base.

Decades of designing customized liquidity solutions

Ability to provide comprehensive liquidity solutions due to our preferred buyer status with many general partners

Ability to receive consent of transfer from many restrictive managers

Quick and reliable bids

Longstanding record of execution success

Strict confidentiality

Good partner with ongoing dialogue

Position as a primary private equity investor

Not a potential direct competitor

Emphasis on discretion and trustworthiness

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