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Pomona Capital

Pomona Capital is an innovative and global investment firm providing investors with a secondaries strategy that can offer uncommon access and unique risk and reward characteristics.

Founded in 1994, Pomona is committed to growing and evolving in alignment with the Firm’s founding mission of providing the value proposition of private equity with a lower risk profile. We offer our secondaries strategy through the institutional flagship funds and retail fund. Pomona also manages primary investments in a separately managed account programs. The Pomona platform benefits from the multi-dimensional synergies between investment strategies and products.


Who We Are

Pomona’s foundation is deeply rooted in unchanging values, which we believe positions us to navigate dynamic and increasingly complex environments. We are a learning organization that understands the best way to shape the future is by building upon experience. Pomona’s longstanding track record establishes us as a steadfast and reliable partner through multiple market environments.


The Pomona Difference

Pomona combines consistency with a trailblazing spirit. For over 30 years, our investment goal based on the value premise of secondaries investing has been constant and our ability to adapt continuously. We use our expertise and strategic platform to execute with discipline and create differentiation. It is this foundation that has supported our mission to be the best investors and stewards of capital for our clients. 

Pomona combines stability and creativity.

Pioneer & Innovator

At the forefront of the development of the secondary market and its evolution

Mid-Market Size Flexibility

Deliberately mid-size to be nimble and selective to construct a portfolio of choice instead of buying a slice of the generic secondaries market

Synergistic Platform

Integration of Pomona’s secondaries and primaries businesses results in significant, multi-dimensional synergies that benefit its secondaries investing

Multi-Solution Provider

Provide our strategy across various investment products to meet investors’ needs

Value-Oriented Approach

A targeted approach focused on both value and growth to seek long-term capital appreciation with enhanced liquidity and a lower risk profile


Over 30 years of building relationships that enhance our execution and collaborative partnerships

Team & Culture

Experienced team with a commitment to excellence and shared values of integrity, discipline and passion