Designed to
Optimize Synergies

The Pomona Capital platform has been designed with the specific goal of offering investment solutions to meet investors’ needs. Every product aligns with our value-oriented philosophy and leverages the extensive network and insights gathered across our integrated platform.

Institutional Flagship Funds

Since 1994, the foundation of Pomona’s platform has been its flagship secondaries funds. Our consistent strategy is focused on delivering on the fundamental premise of secondaries. We strategically use our mid-market size to execute a targeted approach to construct a portfolio of choice.


Committed Capital*


Flagship Secondary Funds


Years of Secondary Investing

for Individuals

Pomona developed a first-of-its-kind diversified registered vehicle providing individual investors with easier access to private equity and to Pomona’s secondary strategy.

Customized Solutions

Pomona has provided customized separately managed account programs designed to meet investors’ goals for over two decades. We avoid a “one-size-fits-all” approach to constructing portfolios; rather, we tailor each portfolio based on an investor’s objectives and needs.  Whether designing a secondaries-only portfolio or a program that combines both secondaries and primaries, each gains access to our network of managers and investment opportunities.