A Values-Based

Pomona Capital represents the merging of a rich culture with a dynamic organization, seamlessly intertwining purpose and innovation, enduring values and intellectual curiosity, as well as experience and relationships. This foundation empowers us to stand as a steadfast and trustworthy partner in the midst of an ever-evolving market landscape.


Core Values

We connect with investors through shared values and objectives. By nurturing trust, we garner the respect and preference of general partners and sellers. The strength of a partnership mindset based on our core values is an integral element of Pomona, which we believe provides us with a distinct investing edge.


As fiduciaries, we adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct. It is the bedrock upon which every interaction and investment decision is made. We firmly believe that the manner in which we work is as significant as the work itself. Our aim is to foster confidence and earn respect within our community of investors, general partners, and sellers.


We follow a disciplined and consistent process and approach. This focus enables us to make sound decisions instead of being influenced by market trends. Our consistent strategy has been time-tested and one in which investors have trusted for decades.


We feel most passionate about what we do every day – helping our clients achieve their investment goals and providing liquidity solutions for private equity investors. We leverage our essential insights and experience to be thoughtful and embrace challenges with energy and resolve. The overarching goal is to refine our processes and optimize results.

Pomona’s Institutional Citizenship


Pomona strives to have a real impact in the neighborhoods where we work and live. Pomona employees are encouraged to support their local communities through volunteering and giving. Our employees also participate in firm-sponsored charitable activities.

Partnership to provide housing and support services to homeless and runaway youth.

Partnership to aid the restoration of oyster reefs in the New York Harbor in order to filter water and remove pollutants.


We incorporate ESG considerations into our due diligence and monitoring processes. We recognize the importance of being responsible citizens and believe ESG considerations further supports our goal of delivering risk adjusted returns.

Pomona Capital worked closely with ClimatePartner to achieve the goal of being certified as a Carbon Neutral company. Additionally, Pomona partnered with ClimatePartner to support clean water initiatives in Sierra Leone.