A targeted,
tactical focus.

Opportunities and products may differ, but our knowledgeable approach does not. Through deep diligence and analysis, we seek to identify and invest in high-quality assets and investments while seeking to limit risk, remaining patient and acting nimbly.
The Pomona Edge Our Investment Strategy

A consistent approach

By clearly defining and always applying a disciplined strategy, our investments are designed to endure in changing and complex environments.

Since Pomona’s founding, our fundamental strategy has been based on the following core tenets: focus relentlessly on quality; invest prudently and patiently; measure and learn from results; be open and responsive; and align our financial interest with those of our investors.

Secondary Strategy
For over 28 years Pomona has implemented a differentiated, secondaries strategy that is focused on acquiring high-quality, mature assets at meaningful discounts. Pomona seeks to maintain a consistent, disciplined and nimble investment strategy based on: (i) proactively sourcing less competitive transactions; (ii) developing an understanding of target assets using granular company-level analysis; (iii) focusing on what we believe to be the highest quality of assets; (iv) maintaining a middle market focus and pricing discipline over investment volume; and (v) diversifying investments to reduce risk. In our investment process, we seek to mitigate risk and increase liquidity through the purchase of mature, high-quality private equity assets.

1–3%of deal flow
typically purchased
each year

We have raised funds sized in line with the market opportunity in order to allow us to be highly selective, seek to avoid competition and focus on middle market-sized transactions. We believe being principal investors rather than asset gatherers better aligns our interests with investors. The goal is consistent growth and significant returns over a long period of time, through multiple market cycles.

The Pomona Edge Our Difference

Aligned interests

Experience, reliability and consistency make us an effective partner. 

Why we believe LPs invest with us:

  • Consistent performance and attractive risk profile over multiple economic cycles
  • Frequent liquidity with cash distributions in every quarter since inception in 1994 by Pomona’s secondary funds
  • Modest fund sizes allowing us to be highly selective, seek to avoid competition and focus on middle market–sized transactions
  • Concentration on investments less correlated to macroeconomic fluctuations
  • Proprietary deal flow generated from a targeted top-down and broad bottom-up sourcing effort 
  • 28 years of proprietary information, market intelligence, complementary processes, specialized expertise and relationships
  • Valued partnership based on trust and transparency
  • Aligned investment goals


Why we believe Sellers partner with us:

  • 28 years of experience successfully executing transactions ranging from straightforward sales of single fund interests to large and complex multiple interest transactions
  • Quick and reliable bids
  • Customized and creative solutions to suit sellers’ needs
  • Certainty of execution
  • Strict confidentiality
  • Attractive substitute limited partner
The Pomona Edge Our Way of Working

Dedicated collaboration

A people business built on maintaining strong relationships, where reputation and integrity count. 

Pomona has actively sought to build meaningful relationships in the general partner, seller and investor communities since the firm’s inception. Today, we have long standing relationships with over 600 leading private equity managers, and a global investor base. 

We seek relationships with business partners that are mutually beneficial. We work with fund general partners in an unusually broad context — as a replacement limited partner in an existing fund, as a potential investor in their next fund and as a co-investor on specific deals. Secondary sellers appreciate our ability to get transactions done quickly, discreetly and at a fair price — with no surprises. 

Our investors are much more than a source of capital. We consider them a trusted and valued partner. We strive to be responsive, transparent and accommodating of diverse needs.